At Shoofly Farm your child will have a rare opportunity to reconnect with the joys and satisfaction of the natural world. Our 4 acre property is home to a variety of farm animals. Children take care of, play with and learn about horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and more!
swampy feet
A natural wet land full of birds, frogs and other critters offers hours of exploration and observation. Children experience water and soil, observe the inhabitants and experiment with balance within our natural surroundings.
craft shack
Our barn, patio and craft shack double as perfect work stations. Children delight in creating seasonal projects, work with wool, clay and wood as well as design their own Shoofly tie-dye t-shirt.
Not only beautiful, our organic garden allows campers an opportunity to grow and taste fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many of the these foods are incorporated into daily snacks and weekly cookout meals .
Children participate in preparing homemade snacks. Butter, jam, applesauce and ice cream serve as healthy treats, reminding each child where and how food is created. We also enjoy a weekly cookout outdoors.
Our gentle camp horses provide a perfect introduction to the equine world. Additionally, they are safe schooling horses for our more experienced riders. All campers have the opportunity to ride every day of camp.