Silk is such a sweet girl. She's gentle enough for riders who are a little nervous about riding for the first time, but she's also very capable of doing more advanced things. Silk does a little bit of everything! She loves to trail ride and play with her best friend and owner, Lani. She's insulin resistant, so she can't have too much sugar. That means if you want to give her a treat, you should come ask one of the horse girls if it's okay first. Silk is a 18 year old Quarter Horse registered under the name of Silk Town Anne and is 15 hands high.
Whisper is a wild mustang from the forest of Oregon. She was adopted by Lani in May of 2015. Lani is training Whisper for a competition in September. Whisper came from a herd called Murders Creek. She is two years old and still growing. Lani hopes to keep Whisper so in a few years campers can ride her! Whisper is a sweet and sensitive filly. If you have more questions about mustangs ask Lani!
Sombra is a Spanish mustang from the plains of Oregon. He once lived in the wild with his a well known herd called the Kiger mustangs. He is a pure spanish mustang. Sombra loves kids more than anything and will always give you a nice head nod when you walk up! He is an awesome horse for kids to ride! He knows how to take care of his rider. If you want to ride off lead hes your guy! Sombra is also directly related to the animation model for Spirit! He is just like Spirit from the movie! Sombra is a special horse that takes care of his owner Jill Haase who runs camp Shoofly!
Harley is a big, sturdy Lipit Morgan! Harley is a very sweet smart horse who loves food! His favorite thing to do is eat. Harley is an exceptional jumper but excels at everything he does. Harley knows how to smile on command. Harley is 15 hands and 15 years old. He is a big boy who loves kids!
Cayman is also a wild mustang from Oregon! She is also from Murderers Creek herd. Maia Smith adopted her in May of 2015. Maia is training Cayman for a show in September! Cayman LOVES attention and will eat anything. She is two years old and still growing! If you want to visit Cayman as Maia!
Sherman is Shooflys one and only burro! Sherman was also wild at one point! He came from a wild band of burros in Nevada! Sherman is very shy but likes scratches. Kids love to play with his long ears. He is Confetti's best friend. Ask a horse girl if you want to go see Sherman!
Miles or Mileys Wild Style is also a mustang from the high desert in Oregon. She was born in the wild and rounded up the same time as Confetti. She is from Paisley, Oregon. Miles a sassy mare who loves attention. She was a two year old in 2014 and now kids are excited to ride her! She is a very stocky short horse!
Before Jose came to live on the farm, some of his favorite things included gaming, drill team, and long walks or runs at the beach. Jose absolutely loves people! He's almost always game for a little bit of cuddling. He also has a fun trick he likes to show campers. Ask any of the horse girls to see his 'zipper' trick. Jose is a 19 year old Quarter Horse and 14.3 hands high.
Stella is our beautiful Appaloosa/Thoroughbred cross. Many kids think it looks like she has powdered sugar dusted over her back. She is 12 years old and 15 hands high, and is quite new to camp. Stella is really good at her job, and has the sweetest personality. She loves encouragement and being pet. She can go pretty fast, but takes care of her little riders. Outside of camp, she's an extremely good jumper, and loves to play with her owner Lani.
Gypsy is a tried-and-true steady girl. She's 19 years old, and 14.3 hands high. Her favorite thing in the world is napping. Gypsy has a pretty fun slow trot, perfect for riders who have never trotted before. Gypsy has really cool eyes- one of them is blue and the other is half blue and half brown! Gypsy is a Tobiano Pinto Quarter Horse.
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty is built like a tank! She's a stout but fit lady who loves to walk and walk and walk. She has a nice, slow trot as well. Her back is wide and flat, so beginners feel stable. Miss Kitty is 14 years old and 15 hands high.
Do you remember Thunder? Thunder has been a favorite at Shoofly for many years. He is back this year, teaching another set of little kids to love ponies. Thunder is a great pony to learn riding on because he is so gentle and kind. Back in his youth, Thunder used to be a fancy hunter/jumper pony, but now he enjoys getting brushed, braided, tacked up and ridden by Shoofly campers. Thunder is about 37 years old and is only 12.3 hands high. He is a Welsh/Arab cross, and because he is so small he can only carry kids that are less than 50lbs.
Confetti is our youngest and most unique horse on the farm. She was adopted April 2013 by Lani from the BLM. Confetti is a mustang and she was captured from the Paisley Desert in central Oregon. Lani trained and gentled Confetti last summer and took her all the way to Fort Worth, Texas to compete in the Mustang Million competition. Now Confetti lives it up at Shoofly playing with kids. She is 3 years old and still growing.